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Construction Management

At BME we understand that your project is not over when the permit is issued or the design is completed, rather the real work begins when construction starts. We offer the full array of construction phase services that are necessary to bring your next project in on time and on budget. BME’s team of professionals provides the expertise in engineering design, surveying, construction materials, contract administration and construction management that is essential to carry a project from design to occupancy.

We have provided construction phase services for a variety of projects including wastewater treatment facilities, water treatment and distribution facilities, truck and equipment maintenance buildings, office buildings, solid waste disposal facilities and major infrastructure improvement projects. Construction phase services that we can provide for your next project include:

  • Bid and Award Services
    Bid and Award services include advertisement, distribution of documents, prebid meetings and site visits, tabulation and evaluation of bids, evaluation of contractor qualifications, recommendation of low bidders, contract negotiations, issuing notice to proceed, and preparation of the conformed and executed construction documents.
  • Contract Administration
    Contract administration includes reconciliation of quantities, review and approval of payment requests, responses to requests for information, evaluating and issuing change orders, and contract closeout documentation
  • Submittal Review
    Submittal review includes tracking, evaluating and responding to submittals, shop drawings, samples, schedules and work plans
  • Construction Surveying
    Construction surveying includes establishing site control, construction layout and grade staking, performing baseline topographic surveys, performing quantity surveys, and performing record surveys
  • Construction Materials Testing
    Construction material testing services include borrow source evaluation, soil and aggregate sampling and laboratory testing, general earthfill density testing, asphalt and concrete mix designs, asphalt and concrete sampling and laboratory testing, and geosynthetics sampling and testing
  • Construction Observation and Documentation
    Construction observation and documentation includes full time observation of all aspects of construction services and preparation of construction reports and quality assurance documentation
  • Construction Management
    Construction Management services include oversight and management of all phases of the construction project including conducting progress meeting, documenting the construction process, resolving conflicts and managing the project schedule and budget
  • Stormwater Compliance
    Stormwater compliance includes site evaluations, preparation of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and Spill Prevention and Control Countermeasure Plans, training and sampling
  • Value Engineering
    Value engineering services include evaluating construction materials, methods, schedules and requirements with the owner and contractor to identify opportunities to improve the constructed project
  • Liner Quality Assurance Services and Reports
    Liner quality assurance services include liner construction observation, thickness certification, material testing, coordination with the appropriate regulatory agencies and preparation of soil liner and geomembrane liner evaluation reports