Mason East Landfill
City of Mason, TCEQ Permit No. MSW-2399
Mason County, Texas


Biggs and Mathews provides professional engineering, hydrogeologic characterizations, permitting services, design services and construction phase services for the Mason East Landfill located in Mason County, Texas. The professional services provided to date include permit modifications, design and construction management to support the initial development and opening of a new Type I municipal solid waste facility.  The initial development of the facility required the design and construction of a subtitle D lined waste cell, access roads, drainage controls, site entrance, deceleration lane, leachate transfer system, perimeter fencing and access controls, site markers and signs, scales and gate house, citizens convenience center, screening berms and groundwater and landfill gas monitoring systems. Biggs and Mathews worked closely with the City of Mason to open the landfill within 18 months after the permit was issued.

Environmental Services

Biggs and Mathews installed groundwater monitoring wells and landfill gas probes and continues to provide groundwater sampling, analytical testing, statistical analysis, and reporting.

Construction Management

Biggs and Mathews managed all phases of the construction required to open the new landfill. We prepared bid packages, evaluated bids, helped select qualified contractors and subcontractors, prepared contracts, reviewed submittals, scheduled the work and material deliveries, provided quality assurance services, prepared liner certification reports, and administered the various construction contracts.


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