City of Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie Landfill
Dallas County, Texas

Project Type: Subtitle D Alternate Cell, Site Improvements

Biggs & Mathews has provided professional engineering services to the City of Grand Prairie on the Grand Prairie Landfill since 2001. The professional services provided have included engineering design, airspace calculations, construction documents, construction phase engineering services, and construction quality assurance for site entrance improvements and the most recent landfill cell. These projects were developed with the inclusion of the City in the decision process to establish the construction budgets, and the application of our quality review and quality control procedures.

Construction Documents
The Biggs and Mathews project team provided engineering design, construction phase services, and construction quality assurance for site entrance road improvements that included pavement realignment, pavement reconstruction, perimeter berm improvements, and, perimeter drainage facilities. The site entrance road improvements were developed to provide long-term access to the existing City Gate House and Scales. In addition, the construction addressed surface water drainage improvements to the top of waste grades to improve surface water runoff off of the interim final cover contiguous to the site entrance road.

Biggs and Mathews is responsible for all professional services related to the construction of Cell 3. Cell 3 consisted of about 7-acres of lined area with the total construction cost of approximately $900,000. This project included the construction of a liner and leachate collection system, perimeter berm construction, and perimeter drainage systems. The engineering design included evaluation of excavation and earthfill requirements and development of a soil management plan to maximize use of soils. During the design phase Biggs & Mathews designed all of the project elements, and prepared the construction plans and specifications, and evaluated the bids.

Construction Management
During the construction phase for the site entrance road improvements and for Cell 3, Biggs & Mathews provided record surveying services, provided construction quality assurance services, coordinated with the TCEQ, the City and the contractors, reviewed submittals, issued change orders requested by the City, resolved conflicts, prepared the final construction reports and administered the construction contracts. Biggs & Mathews represented the City as its construction manager during the construction of the site entrance improvements and Cell 3 construction.


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