Texoma Area Solid Waste Authority (TASWA)
TASWA Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling Facility

TCEQ Permit No. MSW-2290
Grayson County, Texas

Since 1996, provided engineering design, construction management, environmental compliance services, and geologic and hydrogeology services for the TASWA facility.

Greenfield Permitting

  • Assisted TASWA member cities during the greenfield site selection process
  • Began the initial permitting process with intensive site investigations including
    • Subsurface conditions
    • Potential wetland areas
    • Threatened and endangered species
    • Floodplains
    • Existing surface water features
    • Detailed subsurface and groundwater characterization
    • Comprehensive evaluation of 100-year water surface elevations
    • Drainage design to meet natural drainage patterns.
  • Section 404 Corps of Engineers Permit

Construction Documents and Technical Specifications

  • Site entrance facilities and entrance connection to State Highway 56
  • Initial and subsequent landfill cells (2005, 2008, & 2013) and drainage facilities
  • Final plans, contract documents, and specifications, engineer’s cost estimates

Construction Management

  • Bid phase services
  • Construction phase services
    • Conduct construction meetings
    • Review and approve shop drawings, field orders, change orders, construction quantities, pay requests
    • Scheduling
    • Daily updates
  • Construction quality assurance
  • Constant communication, evaluation and re-design as material costs increased

Geology and Hydrogeology

  • Comprehensive geologic, hydrogeologic, and groundwater characterizations, including
    • Identify and characterize the uppermost aquifer
    • Establish groundwater flow direction and rate
    • Evaluate potential impacts of facility operation on groundwater flow
    • Determine impacts to critical receptors
    • Determine the appropriate spacing, locations and screened intervals of groundwater monitoring wells
    • Location restriction certifications for fault areas and seismic impact zones
  • Permit modifications for the 2006 TCEQ rule revisions to Subchapter J – Groundwater Monitoring and Corrective Action

Environmental Services

  • Installation of the groundwater monitoring wells and landfill gas probes
    • Groundwater sampling, landfill gas sampling, surface water monitoring, analytical laboratory testing
    • Statistical evaluation
    • Regulatory reporting

Landfill Planning and Engineering Services

  • Periodic ground and aerial surveying to update available airspace, compaction rate, site life projections, and target grades for site development. 
  • Annual MSW report
  • Planning for operational issues including
    • leachate storage and disposal,
    • interior roads,
    • stormwater and sediment control,
    • stockpile locations and utilization,
    • and borrow area grading and utilization. 

Drone Services

  • Drone flights to collect aerial topography data to estimate airspace consumption


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