Our team of professional geoscientists are experienced in the detailed hydrogeologic characterization of sites throughout the U.S. with particular emphasis on locations in Texas and Oklahoma.

Comprehensive groundwater characterizations are routinely performed for site studies completed by Biggs and Mathews.  Studies include regional geology and hydrogeology determination; site stratigraphy including correlations of complex facies; interpretation of multiple groundwater zones; interpretation of water level measurements; evaluation of groundwater flow direction; and calculation of hydraulic conductivities of complex lithologies.

Geology and Groundwater Services

Hydrogeological Analysis/Studies

Comprehensive groundwater characterizations consisting of regional geology and hydrogeology, site stratigraphy including detailed correlations of complex facies, interpretation of individual and multiple groundwater zones, interpretation of water levels, groundwater flow directions, and hydraulic conductivities of complex lithologies are routinely included in site characterization studies.


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